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CORPORATE > Quality Policy


Our company operating in the production of chicken meat in the food industry has identified and and put into pratice the following policies.

Our company aims to fulfill the needs, expectations and customer satisfaction, to be the first preferred brand, and to produce the healthy and hygienic products by controlling the production.

It aims to prevent pollution at the source with the participation of employees by taking into account the environmental impacts of all processes; and to implement and improve the possibilities for reuse or recycling with the waste reduction measures occurred during the activities;

to plan and implement the measures which minimize the damages that will affect the people, the environment and product in an accident or emergency case that may occur;

to take protective measures by assessing all risks including Quality, Food, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety issues;

to grow by reviewing and continuous improving the  processes conducted in accordance with the Integrated Management Systems;

Our company aims to improve the responsibilities of all local and national law on the activities carried out in accordance with integrated management systems which was established within itself with education and announcements.

To achieve the objectives of this policy has been realized with the studies that are ??with the concurrence of all our employees.