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PRODUCTION > Slaughterhouse

A slaughterhouse, which is located in Center Tartar village 17-km away from Bolu, was established in the 6.000 m2 closed and total ??22.000 m2 area.

The slaugtherhouse has been designed with full automatic  and shredding equipment with the cutting capacity of 8,000 pieces per hour.

Since more than 20 years, the company has continued to produce by giving priority to quality and food safety,and with customer satisfaction principle.

In the slaugtherhouse, the  daily records of each process stage, and critical control points are kept.

It is possible to conduct the retrospective monitoring that in which manufacturing poultry each chicken at supermarket shelf  was produced.

The solid wastes released as a result of production activity are converted to the chicken flour, sold to companies as a source of protein and  the liquid waste is treated biologically and chemically in the treatment plant.